Flow Plug now available in Technifab Cryogenics valve.

Techflow vacuum jacketed valves are now available with optional flow plugs.  Designed and manufactured by Technifab Cryogenics, the high quality, efficient control Tube Series Valve offers optional linear flow control allowing for variable cryogen delivery to the use point.

The compact valves are manufactured using stainless steel construction ensuring maximum strength and corrosion resistance for use in with smaller diameter vjp, lower flow requirements, and limited space applications. Seal replacement is simple and quick reducing downtime and saving downtime costs.

Like all of Technifab Cryogenic vacuum jacketed valves, the flow plug version saves money by operating twenty times more efficient than a non-vacuum jacketed valve, features a self-aligning PCTFE seat and maintains a bubble tight closure in the shut position.  Manual versions are low torque for easier on/off operation. Pneumatic and electric actuators are available for automatic operation as well as I/P positioners for a complete feedback loop and even tighter control.

For more information on Technifab Cryogenics or help with your cryogenic valve applications, contact sales@technifab.com, call 812.442.0520 or visit our website (technifab.com).

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