TechniSwitch, The One And Only!

Techniswitch - only vacuum jacketed tank switcher in the cryo industry


TechniSwitch, The One And Only!

When your medical or laboratory facility requires cleanliness, safety and quiet, TechniSwitch is the solution for you.

Technifab’s vacuum jacketed tank switchers are the only ones in the industry. The TechniSwitch has been designed to provide a continuous liquid nitrogen supply by automatically changing from an empty to full tank. The operation occurs quietly and without condensation dripping on the floor, reducing slip hazards and offering a cleaner environment. It is also safe to touch because the vacuum jacketed pipe is at ambient temperature. The actuated valves eliminate background noise from solenoid chatter allowing a quiet work space for your employees or clients.

The vacuum jacketed TechniSwitch is available in a two and four tank version. The unit trims operating costs by using less LN2, minimizing employee involvement, and reducing system down time. Equipped with dry contacts, the TechniSwitch alerts employees of empty tanks.

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