Specifying ASME Standards for cryogenic pipe projects

Note: Information in this article is subject to changes as ASME Standards and Codes are “living documents” and are constantly reviewed and revised. For current information on the standards and codes, visit:

Some customers request that their equipment meet ASME code or standards, but what does that really mean? Continue reading Specifying ASME Standards for cryogenic pipe projects

Frequently Asked Questions

For over 25 years, we have been asked many questions about vacuum jacketed pipe (VJP).  The following article answers the most frequently asked questions about VJP and cryogenic equipment. Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions

Save Money By Selecting Quality VJP Pipe

Whether you are making ice cream, manufacturing semiconductor wafers, storing biological samples, freezing food or cooling MRI machines, the most effective way to save money on liquid cryogen is by selecting quality vacuum jacketed pipe (VJP) and cryogenic components. Continue reading Save Money By Selecting Quality VJP Pipe

Techflow Tube Series Cryogenic Vacuum Jacketed Valves

Techflow 500 Series Vacuum Jacketed Valves

Low Cryogen Losses With Minimal Space Claim

  • Vacuum-jacketed, to prevent the ice and condensation seen with non-vacuum jacketed cryogenic valves.
  • Compact design reduces the space claim, ideal for transfer hoses and smaller diameter pipe/tubing.
  • Easy grip handle provides low torque opening and closing.
  • Lower cost than pipe sized valves.
  • Wear parts are easily removed and replaced reducing down-time.
  • Made by Technifab to the same high quality standards as our vacuum jacketed pipe.

We also offer Techflow Pipe Series Vacuum Jacketed Valves in larger diameters.

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