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Technifab’s products are used in every industry. Our applications have been used in aerospace, healthcare and the food industry. We create solutions for any industry. Let us create a solution for you!


Technifab is built on Quality. Our products are ASME certified and perform better than all competitors when it comes to Transfer Efficiency. Don’t settle for anything less than Technifab Products!


We don’t just manufacture products, we can handle the whole process or any part of it you’d like. Our experience and expertise are ideal for Cryogenic System Design to Service and Repair.

Technifab designs, manufactures, and installs cryogenic equipment including vacuum jacketed pipe, transfer hoses, dewars, and vacuum jacketed valves.


  • Technifab’s liquid helium transfer hoses outperformed the competition in independent tests.
  • We manufacture ASME and liquid oxygen certified equipment.
  • Some of the best scientific equipment manufacturers in the industry use detector dewars.
  • Our transfer hoses are used to fill laboratory dewars and get liquid cryogens into customer containers and equipment.
  • Technifab products are used in aerospace, electronics, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, and the semiconductor industry.

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