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Cryogenic gases are used extensively throughout the semiconductor manufacturing and testing processes. While liquid Nitrogen (LN2) is widely used to remove heat from the manufacturing process, it is also utilized in the cleaning processes. Nitrogen gas, often stored as a liquid at cryogenic temperatures, is also employed to purge unwanted gases and to create inert environments in critical process areas.
Get saturated, lower temperature liquid nitrogen at the pressure you need with Technifab Phase Separators. Technifab has many models & configurations to choose from to meet your flow and pressure needs.

Durable, efficient, and maintenance free Techflex Transfer Hoses deliver liquid quicker. The outer surface remains at room temperature and is safe to touch with bare hands. Standard hoses are ALWAYS IN STOCK! Custom configurations can be made to order. 


Vacuum Jacketed Piping (VJP), also known as Vacuum Insulated Piping (VIP), is the most cost effective, safe, and reliable way to transfer cryogenic liquids. Technifab custom-designs and manufactures Vacuum Jacketed Piping Systems from your storage equipment to final use points to fit your particular operating conditions.

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Technifab’s products have long been used in the electronic and semiconductor industry. Besides providing the best system performance and quality, some of our standard options are designed specifically with the electronic and semiconductor industry in mind. Stainless steel construction is a natural fit in an environment where cleanliness is extremely important. 
Single sourcing your complete cryogenic system from Technifab is the best way to ensure that your requirements are met from initial start up through years of service. Our experience includes liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid helium and other common cryogenic fluids. Technifab’s knowledge, experience, commitment to quality, and our reputation are part of everything we deliver.

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