Centering Ring w/ Viton O-Ring

Steel centering ring, keeps the elastomer sealing ring in place, during assembly and aligns flanges.

Centering Ring
  • Centering Ring: 300 series stainless steel works in corrosive environments and severe temperatures

  • High Vacuum rated to 1×10-8 Torr

  • High temperature rated to 204ºC (400ºF)

  • Also available with Buna-N or Silicone o-rings

SIZES(A) in. (B) in. O-Ring MaterialPRICE 
KF 10 Centering Ring w/ Viton O-Ring.370.470Viton$5.00Buy Now
KF 16 Centering Ring w/ Viton O-Ring.635.670Viton$6.00Buy Now
KF 25 Centering Ring w/ Viton O-Ring.9251.025Viton$7.50Buy Now
KF 40 Centering Ring w/ Viton O-Ring1.5101.610Viton$11.50Buy Now
KF 50 Centering Ring w/ Viton O-Ring1.9452.045Viton$14.00Buy Now
KF 10 Viton O-Ring (O-Ring Only)$4.50Buy Now
KF 16 Viton O-Ring (O-Ring Only)$5.50Buy Now
KF 25 Viton O-Ring (O-Ring Only)$7.50Buy Now
KF 40 Viton O-Ring (O-Ring Only)$8.00Buy Now
KF 50 Viton O-Ring (O-Ring Only)$10.50Buy Now