Bendable Vacuum Jacketed Pipe


Provides a more cost effective installation than rigid pipe with only a small loss in performance.

Utilizes a bendable design that minimizes heat leakage when VJP is bent.

Low maintenance Vacuum Jacketed Pipe (VJP) doesn’t require external vacuum pumps or pump maintenance.

Close-tolerance bayonets eliminate the need for field welding or soldering and allow easy system reconfiguration.

Can be coiled for less expensive packaging and shipping.

Easy to Install

Simplifies cryogenic system layout, reducing the need for precise system measurements.

Lower install cost than foam covered pipe or pipe with foam joints.

Easy connections with our standardized bayonets to other R-Series and B-Series VJP.

No cryogenic piping experience is required for installation.


Stainless steel inner and outer construction for maximum strength and corrosion resistance.

Vacuum and multi-layer super insulation creates a low heat transfer rate which minimizes cryogenic liquid boil-off.

Embedded getter materials absorb outgassed molecules in the vacuum space. Pipe is heated during evacuation to remove molecules that can outgas later.

Bayonet connections provide an easy connection between cryogenic lines.

Liquid nitrogen, CO2, argon, and hydrogen ready; Liquid oxygen option is available.

Variety of Options

  • Lengths up to 60 feet (19 meter).
  • Choice of external covering to best fit your application needs.
  • Choice of end connections.
  • Valves, gas traps, gas vents, and thermocouple vacuum gauge tubes can be added.
  • ASME B31.3, CRN (Canadian Registration Number) and liquid oxygen certification available.
Bendable Pipe Sizes


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