Technifab has 3 locations to better serve you. We offer installation out of Indiana, California and Texas.

We don’t just manufacture products, we also provide turnkey installation and service. Our experience and expertise are ideal for:

We’re not just a manufacturing company, we can provide cryogenic consulting for your situation. Our engineering staff has worked on hundreds of complex one-of-a-kind projects or even simpler projects that may be new for you.

We can do everything from heat leak analysis to component selection and sizing to complete system design. Tell us what you need and we’ll help you find a solution!

We’ll work to design a cryogenic system that meets all your needs, both current and future. Using our industry experience, we can evaluate an existing system, proposed system, or help you design a new system.

Technifab’s Design Engineering process ensures system performance

Our engineers and staff understand the characteristics and behavior of cryogenic fluids under different temperatures, pressures, and flow conditions. We first start with a needs assessment, asking you for the system flow and end use pressure requirements. From that information we can develop your system performance projections, including:

  • Heat leak analysis that can show you the liquid nitrogen (or other cryogen) losses compared to a copper pipe or other systems.
  • Pressure drop calculations through the system.
  • A break-even analysis showing you the anticipated return on investment and long-term financial benefits of a Technifab cryogenic pipe system for your operation’s bottom line.
  • A cash flow analysis showing you the financial benefits of the proposed vacuum jacket pipe system.
  • Other details useful to plant personnel to assess the economic impact of the system.

Once we’ve determined your needs, we will create an isometric CAD drawing of the proposed system for your approval. Unsure of how the system should be routed in your facility? We offer on-site measurements anywhere in North America!

Technifab’s installation and service gives you peace of mind

We don’t just make our own products, we can install them for you too. With installation by Technifab technicians you are assured that your cryogenic fluid system is backed by our industry-leading warranty and follow-up service.

  • Accurate up-front and on-site measurements ensure that all sections and components will fit properly and perform as expected.
  • Our crews are experienced and efficient in installing both liquid and gaseous cryogenic distribution systems, which saves you time and money on larger, more complex systems.
  • Close coordination with our customers and careful pre-installation planning and scheduling minimizes interference with your facility’s normal operation.


Technifab stands 100% behind all our systems. If we designed it, manufactured and installed it, we will service it. If our name is on your equipment, simply pick up the phone and call us and we will handle any issue to a satisfactory conclusion for you. Service is not an add-on, it is what Technifab stands for. As long as you are using our systems and components we will respond to your call for service. That is our guarantee.


Have something that has been damaged or someone else’s product that needs a repair? We fix what we sell and can repair other people’s products also. Give us a call and let us assist you in getting your product back up and running again quickly.


Single sourcing for all of your cryogenic needs from Technifab is the best way to ensure that your requirements are met from initial start up through years of service. Our experience includes liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid helium and cryogenic fluids. Technifab’s knowledge, experience, commitment to quality, and our reputation are part of everything we deliver.


“Technifab operates on the highest standard of integrity and professionalism. A company founded on family, we have grown to be the leader in quality and trust in the cryogenic community. Technifab is here to be your partner for all your cryogenic needs from transfer hoses and dewars to cryogenic systems and CNC parts.” 


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