Technifab Cryodewars

Dewar Lineup

Low evaporation liquid nitrogen dewars for laboratory use and custom-designed dewars for analytical and industrial applications.  All of our dewars are fabricated to meet the highest quality standards.

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Technifab designs and manufactures cryogenic equipment including lab, biological, detector and custom dewars.

  • Our team has designed dewars used in many different applications worldwide such as biological research, metal tempering, rubber deflashing, and vaccine transport.
  • Some of the best scientific equipment manufactures in the industry use our detector dewars.
  • We also offer vacuum jacketed pipe, transfer hoses and a variety of accessories including pressurized dispensing devices and dippers for safe delivery and use of liquid nitrogen.
  • Our products are used in aerospace, electronics, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, and the semiconductor industry.

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

2 Liter Dewar


5 Liter Dewar


10 Liter Dewar


25 Liter Dewar


35 Liter Dewar


50 Liter Dewar



  • Technifab dewars combine an advanced vacuum design and super insulation to achieve superior thermal performance.

  • The high strength aluminum material, ribbed cylinder, durable neck-tube, and convenient handle provides you with a liquid nitrogen dewar that is lightweight, rugged and easy to use.

  • Each dewar is performance tested prior to shipment and fully warranted with serial number tracking documentation.

Inside Dewar


  • The superior thermal performance of Technifab dewars results in longer hold times, meaning less refilling and lower operating costs.

  • Made in our own facility, we can deliver dewars and accessories from stock.

  • The durable construction and ease of use ensures a convenient and long lasting device to store and transport liquid nitrogen.