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Low evaporation liquid nitrogen dewars for laboratory use and custom-designed dewars for analytical and industrial applications. Need a custom design? Our engineering team can customize any dewar to meet your specifications. All of our dewars are fabricated to meet the highest quality standards.

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One-stop shopping is here for your convenience. We have every dewar accessory needed to handle liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic liquid whether it is cryo gloves or 100 ml dippers to handle small amounts of liquid nitrogen. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as aprons, gloves, and masks are always in stock.

Technifab designs and manufactures cryogenic equipment including lab, biological, detector and custom dewars.


  • Our team has designed dewars used in many different applications worldwide such as biological research, metal tempering, rubber deflashing, and vaccine transport.
  • Some of the best scientific equipment manufactures in the industry use our detector dewars.
  • For laboratory applications, we offer vacuum jacketed pipe, transfer hoses and a variety of accessories including pressurized dispensing devices and dippers for safe delivery and use of liquid nitrogen.
  • Our products are used in aerospace, electronics, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, and the semiconductor industry.

*For additional information or to request a quote, contact our sales team at:

Phone: 812.442.0520

Email: sales@technifab.com

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