Automatic Dewar Filling Station

The AFS-01 is an automatic shut off liquid nitrogen dewar filling station for standard liquid cylinders.

The AFS-01 is designed to fill portable low pressure liquid nitrogen dewars from a pipe system or bulk tank. The AFS-01 uses a cryogenic sensor to detect a “full” condition. Once full, cryogenic valves shut off the fill cycle maintaining the fill pressure of the liquid cylinder. The liquid cylinder is ready for immediate use.


  • Reduce Losses – Eliminate overfilling and loss of LN2.

  • Improve Employee Safety – Create a safer work environment with fill shut off timer, vent safety interlock, and emergency stop.

  • Workforce Efficiency – Eliminate wasted labor and downtime.

  • Cost Savings – Save money by eliminating the need for dewar deliveries.


  • Easy to Operate – Allen Bradley PLC controls. Start the process and it will run itself.

  • Adjustable Settings – Adjustable timeout timer and cryogenic sensor threshold.

  • Visual Alerts  Status indicator light and audible alarm contact.

  • Safety – Vent interlock, max fill timer, EMO switch, and fail close valves.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Installation – Fill liquid cylinders where it is most convenient.


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